Commercial HVAC Services

HVAC Installation, Repair & Maintenance

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Commercial HVAC Services

At REO Mechanical, we understand that HVAC equipment is an investment in your business, and believe that our innovative, forward thinking designs will provide seamless building air systems, so that you don’t have to worry about the heating/cooling systems in your facility or office, and can get back to the more important work.

Quality of Service

We are experts in HVAC. Our team of mechanical engineers, and talented technicians are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality HVAC solutions.

Maintenance Program

Every facility/building is different. Different environments, different processes, different demands, different equipment…no two are alike.

At REO Mechanical, your facility is treated like it’s the only building out there. We’ll listen to your issues and concerns, and treat your operational goals as if they were our own. We’ll study your mechanical systems and provide recommendations that will be benefit your specific facility. Focused on energy conservation, REO Mechanicals Maintenance Programs deliver exactly what you’re looking for: A clear, concise plan of action to save thousands in energy expenses.

Customer Service

Customer service is fundamental to our success. Apart from 100% customer satisfaction in the installation of HVAC equipment, REO HVAC aims to develop strong customer service relationships that aid in the communication of future maintenance, repairs or services for your equipment. We view our customers as business partners, and the ongoing success of their business operation is the groundwork for our success as an HVAC service provider.

REO Maintenance Features

Clean blower housing and remove all debris Check components for functionality, cleanliness & sufficient lubrication
Monitor refrigerant levels and check for leaks Check heat exchanger for cracks and corrosion
Clean evaporator drain line to prevent water damage Measure system performance
Clean or replace filter for less restriction Clean and test furnace thoroughly
Tighten all wire connections for safety Check CO detectors
Calibrate thermostat for safety Check thermostats
Adjust fan (if necessary) to maximize efficiency Clean or replace filter
Brush and vacuum coil Check that unit is receiving adequate combustion air
Evaluate ducts for cleanliness and air leakage Check for adequate clearance between the appliance and combustible materials
Balance motor for reduced wear
Lubricate all moving parts, including motors
Electronically measure amperage draw
Secure fan blades for safety
Apply rust proofing as necessary
Monitor expansion valve for optimum efficiency and capacity
Clean and remove vegetation from outside coil

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Best service I could ask for and amazing equipment. Came during the heatwave, and had my new system in that day. I could wear a sweater in my house with how good the AC works. Its amazing!!!”

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